Dr. Wietske van Osch studies enterprise social media (ESM) and online communities for collaboration, knowledge sharing, boundary-spanning, and innovation with a focus on the design of generative systems and communities, both inside and outside organizations.


NSF IIS-4122316 (CHS) Program “Intra-Organizational Boundary Spanning: Strategic Implications for the Design, Implementation, and Use of Enterprise Social Media” (PI). Funded amount: $437,939 (August, 2014)


"The business side of social media" an interview with Wietske van Osch by International Innovation


Best Paper Award. Van Osch, W. and Coursaris, C.K. (2015). Tracing the Evolution of Social Media Research: Topics and Theories. 4th International Conference on Economics, Business, and Management, Bali, Indonesia, May 6-9, 2015.